What is Pitky?

Information Processing Association in Pirkanmaa Region reg. assoc., in short form Pitky ry, is a member association of The Finnish Information Processing Association, TIVIA and it covers the Pirkanmaa region in Finland. Pirkanmaa is located around Tampere, one of Finland’s largest cities, known for its competences in manufacturing industry and ICT. Tampere has always been at the forefront of technoloy – the first electric light in Northern Europe was lit in Tampere, in 1882. The world’s first GSM call was made in Tampere on July 1, 1991, when the former prime minister Harri Holkeri called Kaarina Suonio (mayor of the city of Tampere). In the following year the SMS or ”text message” was sent.

Pitky is an independent association founded in 1966. Its goal is to act as an active link and information channel between people, organizations and collaboration partners. The focus is in people and organizations which act, study or work within information and communication technology and management in the area. Pitky has currently around 600 members.

Local activities

In order to fulfill its mission, Pitky arranges various member events, training sessions, seminars and other informative or recreational gatherings. A close collaboration with educational institutions in the area is regarded as an important function of Pitky. A national level influence is conducted through TIVIA, the largest ICT association in Finland. Pitky does plenty of collaboration in local educational institutes, such as University of Tampere and various ICT training companies. Pitky gives small stipends to students that have done exceptional performances in their studies.

Some of our activities are arranged around clubs built on some topic. Currently we have clubs for project management and for networking female ICT professionals in Finland. Pitky arranges also recreational activities, such as the annual go-kart race, Pitky Gp.

International reach

Pitky is also a means for its members to act in international development projects. A leading example of those is the ICT development project carried out between 2009-2012 in Tanzania. See further info of it. We expect that kind of international collaboration to continue in the future.


Chairman of Pitky: puheenjohtaja@pitky.fi