Pitky has been active in international development activities. In 2009-2012 we had a developmen co-operation project with university of Dar Es Salaam and Institution of Electrical Engineers Tanzania with the goal of giving technical support in various areas of ICT for the country.

The project was executed with the help of funding from Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The amount of support was 120 000 euros.
The project was based on voluntary work in Tanzania and Finland. Around 20 project workers joined in the effort. Warmest thanks to all participants and supporters!

Sub-projects were;

  • eLearning system for Rural Secondary Schools
  • ICT Mediated Distant Learning, Teacher Training
  • ICT Mediated Distant Learning, University Education
  • Mobile Software Development
  • Software Incubator

For more information see the project’s presentation slides. The project used in its communication various social media solutions and its progress could be followed in the web in realtime.

In Finland the project was selected as the Project Work of the Year 2012 in a voting organised by Project Association, the leading association of project management professionals in Finland.

For more information please contact by email Pitky’s chairman at puheejohtaja@pitky.fi or project Manager Kristina Nokso-Koivisto.